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speedyWelcome to, the NEW Sprung Frames website.  So what are Sprung Frames and what makes them so much better than conventional roller hockey frames?

The Patented Sprung Voodootech Chassis has Progressive Independent Suspension, meaning each wheel has its own independent suspension. All four wheels move separately in the frame, the spring action gets stiffer as more pressure is applied.

They work just like high-end racing suspension on cars and motorcycles, only much simpler. These frames are the first time a suspension of this type has ever been used on anything in the world.

As your weight moves forward or backward, you keep your balance much better because the suspension absorbs the weight transfer and keeps more wheels on the ground. As you push off, you go through the toe, from four, to three, to two wheels. The energy is stored in the polyurethane springs and then released, shooting you forward!

When you turn, your weight shifts to the center of your legs, and your turn goes from four wheels down to two, so that the turning radius is much shorter and quicker than with a conventional frame.

What all of this does, besides making you much more stable and balanced on your skates, is make you quicker with a much tighter turning radius carving through turns just like ice hockey blades!

For roller hockey players, they are the best performing skates they've ever used, by far. For ice hockey players, Sprung Frames are best-gameinstantly familiar, because they duplicate the action and performance of ice hockey blades, making it much easier to make the transition from ice to roller hockey, and back to ice. There really is very little difference between ice and roller hockey with these frames.

Almost everyone that tries them loves them instantly, but our biggest growth area is among the skaters that play both roller and ice hockey.

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