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Why Sprung?

Sprung Voodootech Chassis

The Patented Sprung Voodootech Chassis has Progressive Independent Suspension, meaning each wheel has its own independent suspension. All four wheels move separately in the frame, the spring action gets stiffer as more pressure is applied.


For roller hockey players, they are the best performing frames they’ve ever used, by far. For ice hockey players, Sprung Frames are instantly familiar, because they duplicate the action and performance of ice hockey blades, making it much easier to make the transition from ice to roller hockey, and back to ice. There really is very little difference between ice and roller hockey with these frames.


Almost everyone that tries them loves them instantly, but our biggest growth area is among the skaters that play both roller and ice hockey or do off ice training. Sprung suspension allows you to have a long smooth stride like ice instead of a shortened stride with a traditional roller frame.

Sprung Frame Technology 

How do you make excellent even better?

There are quite a few important differences between the old and the new models. The first is a redesign of the rocker arms and frame in the pivot pin area. We widened the cross-section, to decrease the side leverage applied to the rocker arms by the wheels when taking off and turning hard. Doing this allowed us to add material in critical high-stress areas. It also widened the spring contact area of the rocker compare-W-Springsarm and the spring. This increased the resistance of the spring, making the ride firmer, with better stability and front to rear balance.

We also added material to the center section of the frame to lessen lateral torque, or twisting. Knowing we would be using the same hardware on the medium and large sizes, we went ahead and increased the diameter of the pivot pin, too.

Basically, we upgraded the medium frame to accommodate the 325 Lb. plus skaters that wear a size 10 or less. Except for the hardware, the large frame is even beefier where we thought it might need it.

Tests of our most recent model have proven the chassis is practically indestructible and can take impacts that would totally destroy an aluminum chassis.


Revision Hockey

Revision Hockey spends endless hours researching and developing new ways to make better wheels. Their research scientists are the best in the world…

Mod Squad Hockey

One of the best forums on the internet for Icehockey and Rollerhockey- can be found at Drop in and air your views on a hundred subjects of interest to the sport.

Labeda USA

Our founder, Robert Labeda, was tired of his son’s wooden quad wheels breaking mid race so he set out to create a better wheel, Labeda Wheels, which are made out of urethane….

Joe Noris

Sprung frames not only increase your performance in roller but they make the transition from ice to roller seamless. Sprung frames makes you feel like you never left the ice rink.

Former NHL, WHA and Team USA Professional
Current Head Coach Team USA Inline  
Gold Medal 2008 Firs World Championships
Gold Medal 2009 Firs World Championships
Gold Medal 2009 World Games

Ondrej Vesely

I have never skated on an inline skate that felt so much like ice. My overall game has improved because I no longer feel a large difference between my ice and inline skates.

Team Czechoslovakia Silver Medal FIRS World Championship

John Parker

Sprung Frames eliminate the transition from ice to roller and back to ice. With these frames I can just concentrate on playing. No more skate worries!

Anaheim Reebok Bulldogs, Jr. Olympics Gold Medal

Luis Gonzalez

Last year I played for Team USA and we won the Gold Medal.I used sprung frames because they allow for quicker starts, tighter turns, and more stability when stopping.

“Speedy” Gonzalez, Team USA, Gold Medal FIRS World Championship

Stefan Grogg

I chose “Sprung frames” because no other frame has ever felt as close to ice skating as the Sprung frame has. It was amazing how much more agile I felt with the Sprung Frames.

Team Switzerland Fourth Place FIRS World Championship